Clean-X - Product Line

Internationally Patented – Sani-Shield® and Sani-Scrub® 3 in 1 Surface Care, REPEL® & Invisible Shield® Glass Coatings Have Set a New Standard in Easier Cleaning & Value-Added Surface Protection.

They Save Time, Labor and the Cost of Unnecessary Chemicals.

Unelko’s line of Clean-X® professional surface care products stand apart from other janitorial cleaners & disinfectants. They clean, shield and protect surfaces in one-step to reduce buildup for easier cleaning and improved appearance. Clean-X products have a well-deserved reputation within the janitorial and commercial cleaning markets as being true time, labor and money savers. Unelko is showing hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, hotels, restaurants, schools and public facilities how to “Clean Smarter, Not Harder” with its new cleaning & coating technologies.

“Experience the “Easy Clean” benefits of their unique barrier-coating technology!


Product Benefits:

  • Cleans 99.9% of organic soil on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Protects surfaces against build-up, organic & inorganic soils, food, oil, smudges, fingerprints, soap scum, hard water & mineral deposits
  • Prevents odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew in between cleanings
  • Makes regular cleaning & maintenance easier and less costly
  • Eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and abrasives
  • Preserves & protects surfaces for improved appearance and longer life

The Problem: No matter how much we clean, sanitize or disinfect hard surfaces, you cannot prevent re-soiling and re-contamination. Hard surfaces are continually exposed to everyday spills, splatters, dirt, grime, oil, residue and germ-containing organic and inorganic soil that keeps coming back. Hard surfaces are porous and trap water/moister and soil, which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria & germs. Conventional sanitizers and disinfectants all require some form of pre-cleaning. They provide a limited “One Time” Kill benefit without ongoing protection.

The Solution: Multi Surface “Dual-Action” Cleaners that clean, shield & protect surfaces and provide ongoing protection with invisible water, soil & stain repellent barrier coating technology. They reduce re-soiling, re-contamination and prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew in between regular cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning & maintaining facility surfaces with Sani-Shield® & Sani-Scrub® keep surfaces cleaner and more sanitary for improved surface hygiene and appearance. Unelko’s products offer unsurpassed quality, performance & value in cleaning & protection.

REPEL® Dual- Action Cleaning/Coating Technology is different and better than ordinary cleaners. Cleaning and Maintaining glass has never been easier.

Through extensive research, Unelko has developed REPEL Glass and Surface Cleaner, which features nanotechnology benefits. REPEL cleans glass to a sparkling shine and simultaneously provides a soil resistant “barrier” coating to inhibit the adhesion of dirt, grime, fingerprints and smudges. It is renewable without leaving any residue or buildup on the surface.

INVISIBLE SHIELD® & Architectural Grade INVISIBLE SHIELD PRO 15 Coatings set the standard for Long-Lasting Protection against stains, minerals, salt water stains and other contaminates.

Glass can be easily damaged by neglect, improper maintenance, and build up stuck on soil over time from the damaging effects of weather & the environment. INVISIBLE SHIELD® hydrophobic glass coatings protect glass to actively repel water and reduce the adhesion and build-up of all foreign matter. The coatings were specially designed to treat/protect hard to clean & large volume areas such as window, railing, facade, mirror and shower glass… as well as sanitary ware & vitreous china. The Invisible Shield Coatings durably protect & preserve glass, porcelain and ceramics and provide exceptional soil, stain and scratch resistant properties. They make periodic cleaning & maintenance much easier and less costly. A single application can last many years!

“Sani-Shield is gaining a reputation as a “must have” product for improved surface hygiene.” -Minneapolis , MN
“Nursing homes should have a case of Sani-Scrub in every janitor closet.” -Miami, FL
“Invisible Shield is a tried and proven product for all large glass applications.” – San Antonio, TX
With a consummate commitment to user safety and the environment, Unelko adheres to the highest standards to develop its products for the consumer and institutional user. We manufacture specialty cleaning and coating products that are safe, environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, VOC free and which are renewable without leaving any residue or buildup on the surface. Environmentally preferable “green” products…
To improve surface care and surface hygiene, we must take the guesswork out of cleaning and sanitation. By cleaning the soil that you can see, you take care of the germs and biofilms that you cannot see!
Ask about the Sani-Shield® AccuDose Dilution Center! The Easy -To-Use Dilution System makes ready to use product for any size bottle or container. There is no measuring required.
Use Sani-Scrub® for the toughest stains. From inside and outside the toilets & urinals, flusher handles, soiled drains, stainless steel appliance, pool tile and shower areas… anywhere you can see tough grime, stains, or buildup.
The newly patented & patent-pending “Triple Action” Products- Sani-Shield® Sani-Scrub®, Stainless Shine™ & Ultra Glass™ technologies represent major breakthroughs in multi-functional…
Why Shield Surfaces? Because even hard surfaces are like sponges; they have microscopic pores that trap water, organic & inorganic soil that build up…
Will Sani-Shield®, Sani-Scrub® or any other coating products make the surface slippery, possibly dangerous when wet? The answer is NO. The facts are clear: water & soil…