There’s a lot of science behind every Unelko product.  In fact, there is over 40 years of ongoing research & development in high-performance cleaners, water repellents and surface treatments; resulting in many international patents.

With this investment and our pioneering of advanced surface care technologies,   Unelko has become a leading resource for the preservation, enhancement and preventive cleaning of hard surfaces…worldwide!

What is surface “preservation”?  It is the care of surfaces to prevent their deterioration or wear; principally when cleaning with harsh acids, alkalis and abrasives.

What is surface “enhancement”?  It is changing the inherent nature of surfaces to repel water, soil & stains; as actively repelling rain, sleet and snow on windshields when driving and reducing the adhesion & buildup of dirt, grime, spills and splatters for easier cleaning/removal.

What is “preventive cleaning?”  It is “protecting” surfaces against the adhesion and buildup of everyday dirt & grime, hard water minerals, soap scum and spills & splatters of foodstuff.  It’s making them water, soil & stain repellent…for easier cleaning.

What are the realities of exterior weathering and interior soiling of surfaces?  Let’s face it…no matter how much we clean, sanitize and disinfect…every day dirt, grime, spills and splatters keep coming back.  In fact, unless it rains distilled water, windows will never be self-cleaning.  Similarly, until tap water is completely deionized and free of water treatment chemicals and hard water minerals that it contains, those minerals will continue to bond and build up on surfaces following evaporation of the water.

Why shield surfaces?  Because even hard surfaces are like sponges; they have microscopic pores that trap water, organic & inorganic soil…that build up, form biofilms and become increasingly unsightly and difficult to remove.  By shielding surfaces with invisible water, soil & stain repellent barrier coatings, the adhesion & buildup of re-soiling is dramatically reduced for easier cleaning, without the use of harsh acids, alkalis or abrasives.

How is an “invisible barrier” formed on surfaces?  By the condensation, cross-linking and polymerization of Unelko’s solvent-extended coating technologies for glass, porcelain & ceramics…and Unelko’s water-based “dual-action” cleaning & coating technologies for all types and forms of surfaces.

Are the barrier coatings durable?  Yes, indeed!  Whether water-based or solvent-extended, Unelko’s water, soil & stain repellent barrier coatings are resistant to removal by any soap, solvent, detergent or pesticide that will not otherwise etch or damage an untreated version of the same surface.  Like all coatings, however, their service life is diminished by abrasion.  If so exposed, however, they can be easily renewed without buildup.

How do barrier coatings compare to Teflon®:  First, they are invisible.  Second, they can be applied – with ordinary “massage & polish in” or “spray & wipe dry” techniques – to virtually all existing hard surfaces.  They are “self-curing” and do not require high heat to bond the coatings to the surface.  And – like Teflon – they reduce the adhesion & buildup for easier washing with plain water or mild detergent solutions.  So – if you appreciate the benefits of Teflon on pots and pans, you will truly value the benefits of Unelko’s barrier coatings on all of your hard surfaces.

What is surface hygiene?  Visibly clean surfaces that are free of dirt, grime and buildup of organic and inorganic soil, including germs that are contained therein but which are invisible.

What is organic soil?  Technically, it is everyday dirt and grime that contain carbon and is water soluble.  Organic soil includes bacteria, virus and fungi that form biofilms, mold & mildew.  The thousands of species of surface contact bacteria, virus and fungi are invisible to the naked eye.  They are invariably deposited in conjunction with some form of organic soil (including fingerprints, foods, body fluids and body wastes) on which they depend for the nutrients required by them to survive.

What is inorganic soil?  Dirt, grime, and mineral deposits that are water insoluble, and are frequently bonded to the surface; requiring scraping & scrubbing for removal.

Are Unelko’s products EPA-registered?  No.  Unelko products are cleaners, coatings and “dual-action” cleaners & coatings; they are not pesticides.  The coating products and dual-action products are, however, compatible with all sanitizers and disinfectants.

Are EPA-registered sanitizers & disinfectants effective?  Yes…but only when used as specifically directed by their labels.  Generally…this requires “pre-cleaning” of the surface; followed by flooding the surface with the pesticide product – and leaving it visibly wet – for 5 to 10 minutes or more.  Since water-based pesticides generally dry in 3 to 4 minutes at 70ºF (21ºC), this means that surfaces must be re-wet several times to achieve the required “contact time.”  But that only works on horizontal surfaces.  High-contact vertical and rounded surfaces are subject to gravity, and cannot be maintained in a wet surface for even 3 minutes.

Are Unelko’s coatings and “dual-action” cleaners & coatings safe for users and the environment?  Yes!  The solvent-extended coating for glass, porcelain & ceramics – while flammable in the bottle – will not support combustion once applied to the surface and the solvent has quickly evaporated (like rubbing alcohol).  The water-based “dual-action” cleaners & coatings are free of harsh acids, alkalis, ammonia, phosphates, VOC solvents, CFC propellants, terpenes and chlorine bleach.

Can Unelko’s products be used with other cleaners, sanitizers & disinfectants?  Yes.  The water, soil & stain repellent barrier coatings shield surfaces against the penetration, adhesion & buildup of re-soiling and re-contamination.  With their remarkable durability, they keep working even after you have cleaned!