Intense Focus On Research & Product Development

For over forty years, Unelko Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of water repellents, surface treatments and protective coatings.  Their primary focus has been on the preservation, enhancement and “preventive cleaning” of surfaces – ranging from glass, porcelain and ceramics to marble, granite and laminates and concrete, masonry and limestone – whose users could never sufficiently control the environments to which their products were exposed or the manner in which they were maintained.

Unelko’s mission is – to develop unique products that cleanprotect & maintain surfaces using water, soil & stain repelling technologies for reduced soiling, easier maintenance, improved appearance and extended life. Its products will always be manufactured to the highest standards and specifications and respond to rapidly changing end-user preferences for convenient, safe and environmentally-compliant products.

Unelko has focused on the research & development of the newest and efficacious solvent-extended poly siloxane and non-solvent based organosilane quaternary technologies to clean & protect glass and other surfaces. Unelko continues to develop high performance products that make a difference and have developed several new glass cleaning/coating technologies that are “game changers” for the Industry.

Unelko has relied on its extensive cleaning and coating experience to develop products based on the fact that; hard surfaces are like sponges; they have microscopic pores that attract and trap water, organic and inorganic soils, minerals, bacteria and bio-films that build up and form deposits and stains which are difficult to remove and are a breeding ground for a variety of other microorganisms. Everyday surfaces such as glass, porcelain, ceramics, plastics, stone, laminates, metal and textiles are porous, naturally hydrophilic and water, soil, stain & microbe accepting. Surfaces and products are easily damaged/degraded and can become increasingly porous as they age, wear and corrode. “No matter how much we clean, sanitize or disinfect surfaces, it is inescapable that dirt, grime and surface-contact germs KEEP COMING BACK”; sometimes within seconds”.

With extensive research in a variety of compounds including traditional quats, polymers, surfactant and coating chemistry, including Dimethyl Silicones and Quaternary Ammonium compounds, and the 3-Trimethoxysilyl Propyldimethyl Octadecyl Ammonium Chloride originally manufactured by Dow Chemical, Unelko has developed patented and registered new surface care technologies. Products that incorporate the unique organosilane molecule for increased product performance, multifunctionality, hydrophobic coating technology and improved surface hygiene.

Unelko Pioneers Hydrophobic Barrier Coating Technologies

Turn Ordinary Glass Into High Performance Glass

The Sani-Shield Coating Technology and Invisible Shield® Cleaner/Coatings protect hard surfaces such as glass, metals; surfaces in homes, schools, hospitality and many other public facilities.

Unelko Corporation has pioneered the surface protectant category with its Invisible Shield®, the world’s first renewable coating for the preservation, enhancement and preventive soiling of all glass, porcelain and ceramics. We invented the Original Rain-X® automotive product for improved visibility and driving safety. Beginning with U.S. Patents 3,578,488 & 3,579,540, 6,432,181 & 6,676,733 & 6,994,890, & 7,704,313 & 7,754,004, and U.K. Patent 1,344,661, and Japan Patents 805,376 & 805,377, Unelko responded to the glass and surface preservation challenge with solvent-extended technologies that easily transformed glass and other surfaces from being water and soil accepting to being durably water and soil repelling.